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  1. Europhlukes Initiating a European Network to develop a European Cetacean Photo-ID System and Database
  2. humpbacks and orcas in Newfoundland, Canada Week-long study holidays censusing humpbacks, photographing orca dorsal fins, and viewing huge marine wildlife gatherings.
  3. Centre de Recherche sur les Mammifères Marins
  4. Whale Research in Denmark
  5. Whale Center of New England Over two decades of whale research, education, field research internships, conservation. Lots of photos, a curriculum, species information and sightings, and more.
  6. Cetacean Research Techniques in the Ligurian Sea Sanctuary Naturalistic campaign in the mediterranean. Milan University students experience the work on Tethys Research Institute's vessel Gemini Lab. Includes presentation of scientific work, description of the sanctuary and the cetacean species encoutered. In english and italian!
  7. The Center for Coastal Studies CCS is a private nonprofit organization. Our first work, as a largely voluntary organization of concerned scientists and citizens, involved issues of coastal erosion and planning. Over the years, we have concentrated on various aspects of applied research in the marine environment, mostly having to do with marine mammals, although our program includes a wide range of scientific disciplines, conservation interests and educational activities.
  8. ORES ORES is an international whale research organization, working primarily in eastern Canadian waters. It offers everybody an opportunity to meet whales in their natural environment and to share actively in the research work.
  9. Coastal Research and Education Society of Log Island CRESLI's mission is to promote and foster understanding and stewardship of coastal ecosystems through research and education, particulary regarding marine mammals and sea turtles.
  10. Sirius Institute A dolphin communication and space research consortium on the island of Hawaii in the district of Puna.
  11. OSU Marine Mammal Program
  12. Orca FM Broadcasting live whale sounds from Robson Bight, British Columbia.
  13. Hawaii Whale Research Foundation Studying the social affiliation of north Pacific humpback whales. Research, conservation, education. Site includes guide to a large variety of humpback behaviors exhibited in the Hawaiian islands.
  14. Whale Research Lab, University of Victoria Gray whale research based in the west coast of Vancouver island and international whale conservation
  15. ORRCA Marine Mammal Rescue Orrca is a volunteer organisation caring for whales, dolphins, seals and dugongs in Australian waters. Orrca gives you a practical way to help marine mammals while coming into personal contact with the animals in their natural environment. However not everyone needs to be on the beach, there are plenty of vital roles behind the scenes as well.
  16. The Dolphin Society Dolphin Society is an Australian non-profit-making research institution, established in 1994 to research the effects on people of interaction with dolphins, and to pursue conservation and rights for marine mammals in general. The primary objective of the Dolphin Society is 'to promote the uplifting and inspiring influence that dolphins and other marine mammals can have on people.'
  17. Mingan Island Cetacean Study The Mingan Island Cetacean Study offers whale research expeditions throughout the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada. This travel adventure is definitely not for the casual tourist. If you are fit and enjoy the sea, this working vacation will be a holiday to remember.
  18. The Ocean Mammal Institute OMI is unique as a research organization. We collect data on the impact of human marine activites on whales and dolphins. The research results are used to develop guidelines to protect these marine mammals.
  19. Tethys Research Institute The Tethys Research Institute, founded in 1986, is a non-profit NGO dedicated to the preservation of the marine environment. It focuses on marine animals and particularly on cetaceans inhabiting the Mediterranean Sea, and aims at protecting its biodiversity by promoting the adoption of a precautionary approach for the management of natural resources.
  20. Alnitak Research - Spain Alnitak carries out research programmes aimed at increasing our knowledge of the marine environment in the Mediterranean Sea. These research programmes are either developed by Alnitak itself, or in co-operation with other research institutions, NGO's and universities. Alnitak aims to create or participate in environmental education programmes through training programmes, volunteering projects, conferences, expositions, documentaries, etc.
  21. Center for Bioacoustics - Italy focuses on the development of research projects on the acoustic communication in marine animals, the study of practical applications in regard to the monitoring and censusing of cetaceans and the development of advanced methods of sound analysis based on digital signal processing.
  22. Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation A non-profit organisation whose aim is to fund ecological research through eco-tourism. Research is presently focussed on the whales and dolphins of British Columbia's Central Coast. The general public is invited to participate in the research directly as 'paying volunteers'.
  23. Earthwatch Marine Mammal Research The EarthCorps is helping keep tabs on migrating whales and manatees off Florida, the Bahamas, South Africa, Hawaii, and Australia. Enjoy the challenge of learning about behavior in bits and pieces from an animal you glimpse only briefly at the water's surface?
  24. Götenborg Marine Research Centre The three Marine Research Centres, at the universities of Göteborg (GMF), Stockholm (SMF) and Umeå (UMF), are to be considered as national resources for marine research. They have been operating since June 1989, after the decision on their establishment was taken by the Swedish parliament in April of that year.
  25. Whale Research Group Whale Release and Strandings is a non-profit group that responds to whale, leatherback sea turtles and basking sharks entrapped in fishing gear, ice entrapped or stranded on the shoreline.

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