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  1. ORRCA Want to learn how to rescue cetaceans and other marine mammals in Australia? ORRCA holds regular practical workshops. Phone the ORRCA rescue hotline on 02 9415 3333
  2. Dolphin Care Uk Dolphin Care Uk is a website to help stop the needless deaths of dolphins. By Educating people via the website to let people know what is happening to dolphins around the Uk. of which they are dying needlessly.
  3. New Threats Endanger Great Whales An article on the actionbioscience.org web site geared to raise awareness to the threats against the great whales. Reproduced with permission from the WWF.
  4. Dolphins and Whales Window a lot of facts all dolphins and whale and its grow every day.
  5. "Shearwater" Coastal Cruises "Shearwater" is a luxury charter cruiser, operating from Pwllheli in North Wales, specialising in visits to seal and seabird colonies. "Shearwater" is regularly accompanied by the resident Bottle-nosed dolphins and is engaged in a recording and monitoring programme which includes Porpoises, Bottle-nosed and Rissos dolphins.
  6. Delfiner och valar - böcker och artiklar References to articles and books on cetaceans - mostly in Swedish, some in English.
  7. Watch Whale Videos!
  8. The Odessa Museum of Western and East Art More than 5000 images with fagments. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio ( " Taking Christ into Custody " ), Frans Hals, Teniers the Younger, Juan Carreno de Miranda, Pierre Mignard, Alessandro Magnasco,Christoffel Bischop, Jozef Israels, Mihaly Munkacsy, Albert Gustaf Edelfelt, Susanna Savary, Rockwell Kent . . .
    The museum collection of Oriental art contains works by masters spanning several generations from Central and Southern Asia, the Near and Middle East. Exhibitions of the modern artists on-line. Is monthly added about 200-300 pictures.
  9. Underwater Times: the daily journal of life in and around water All news, All wet. Underwater Times, offers up a quick and quirky snapshot of the news related to life in and around water (including a section on whale news).
  10. Caitlin's Dolphin Page Has photos, facts, a list of species, etc, with more added regularly!
  11. Discover Pacific Tours - Puerto Vallarta Whale watching, wild dolphins, and more in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  12. Sperm Whales, Whale Bones, and Dolphins Dr. Galapagos from FT Exploring provides unique accurate insights on some interesting whale questions.
  13. TeAch-nology.com TeAch-nology.com offers teachers FREE access to lesson plans, printable worksheets, over 150,000 reviewed web sites, rubrics, educational games, teaching / technology tips, advice from expert teachers, current education news, teacher downloads, teacher finance help, web quests, and teacher resources for creating just about anything a teacher could need.
  14. Southern Right Whales - Nullarbor Travel Guide Australia Southern Right Whales are truly gargantuan creatures of the seas. Southern Right Whales are considerably less endangered than their closest relatives, the Northern Right Whales. Each year Southern Right Whales visit the Great Australian Bight to give birth to their calves. Right Whales are not good advertisements for Jenny Craig weight loss centres - and that's a fact! loss centres!
  15. Whales online It is a reference and news site dedicated to education for the conservation of whales of the St. Lawrence and their natural habitat.
  16. The Official Whale Watching Australia Site - Hervey Bay Queensland Australia Whale Watching in Hervey Bay Queensland. Find tourist and travel information on World Heritage Fraser Island and Hervey Bay and research info on the Humpback Whale and our World Heritage Area.
  17. Dolphin Explorer Dolphin & whale secondary school educational kit.
  18. Coastal Spirits Educational Adventures and Lodge Recommended by National Geographic Travel Guide, offering sea kayak adventures, kayak with the whales, educational rain forest hikes, indian history on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
  19. American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group The American Society of International Law - Wildlife Interest Group provides public education and academic analysis about endangered species and the role of law in furthering conservation objectives. One of the primary areas of emphasis of the group is cetacean issues.
  20. Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy Academic law journal that focuses on the effectiveness of international wildlife treaty regimes, including the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling. Most issues also include at least one piece on cetaceans.
  21. Whales in the Classroom Text and activities for middle-school children on whales, oceanography and allied interests.
  22. The Sperm Whale Project
  23. A Kayak Quest for Whales! We operate education sea kayak adventures led by biologist guides in the San Juan Islands, WA; Baja California, Mexico; Alaska, and British Columbia.
  24. Whales in Manly Humpback whales have been seen more frequently at Manly in recent years. Photos and history of whales and dolphins in Cabbage Tree Bay, Manly.
  25. Whales and marine animals A web page created by a 10 year old. An educational and fun page on whales. Great info, pictures and links. Music and animation added for your enjoyment. Great link to an amphibian page also.
  26. Teachers Tech Tutor
  27. The Whale Report - Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada Recent sightings of whales and wildlife around Vancouver Island from Remote Passages - marine excursion specialists.
  28. Virtual Whale Watching with Prince of Whales Your virtual whale watching tour starts here. You might find it educational. . . but you may not make it past the cute Harbour Seal.
  29. Canadian Museum of Nature
  30. Oceania Project has been undertaking an Annual Research and Education Expedition in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia for six years. By joining the Expedition you can support and assist with the research work, learn about Cetacea and create your own direct experience with Whales and Dolphins.
  31. Society for Marine Mammalogy Contains information about Marine Mammal Science - the journal, recent issues of the SMM Newsletter and, of particular interest to students, the most recent version of 'Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science'.
  32. WhaleNet WhaleNet is dedicated to education while focusing on whales and whale research. Our Goal is to foster excitement and learning about the marine environment.

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