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Dear Sir,

I am continually shocked and outraged by the brutal violence displayed by fishermen in Taiji and Futo with the killing of dolphins and small whales in their infamous dolphin drives.

There are now more than 50 dolphinariums across your country and all buyers of performing dolphins. Some people have idealistic notions that marine parks in some way protect sea life, but in Taiji and Futo the parks are in direct alliance with the fishermen who kill it. It's a strange interdependence that the parks would rather we didn't know about. The marine parks get first pick of the captive dolphins, while those not chosen are butchered for food.

In the words of Roger Payne:

'It is because whales are such grand and glowing creatures that their destruction for commerce degrades us so. It will confound our descendants. We were the generation that searched Mars for the most tenuous evidence of life but could not rouse enough moral courage to stop the destruction of the grandest manifestations of life here on earth.'

I am mindful of these atrocities against dolphins and am aware that the Japanese government agencies sanction this brutality.

I urge you to act immediately to stop the Taiji and Futo drive-hunts and return the dolphins to their native habitat.

Yours Sincerely,

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